Michigan Congresswoman Candace Miller has sent a letter to President Obama and a warning to Central American nations.

MLive.com is reporting that the Republican from Harrison Township has called on the President to end foreign aid to the leaders and parents in those countries that "are doing little to stop the illegal smuggling of children" into the United States.  She specifically named Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.   Those countries have received close to $6 billion from the United States in the last decade.

Miller, who is vice chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and the head of the subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, had suggested that the money might be put to better use closer to home.

"For decades, our nation has sent untold amounts of foreign aid to these countries and joined in free trade agreements giving these nations enhanced access to our markets in the hope that they could build growing economies and stronger civil societies in part to stem the flow of illegal migration to those nations."

The report indicates that Miller is opting instead to send the money to places like Detroit until those in the Central American nations step up and take responsibility.

"We'd be better off spendng this money in the inner cities of America.  We can start with Detroit."

Miller also called on the President to re-evaluate the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement and consider withdrawl.

The White House has had no response.

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