A year after the disappearance of Jessica Heeringa from a gas station in Norton Shores, another store clerk in the community took his safety into his own hands. This time unloading his weapon and sending the robbers fleeing for thier lives.

Robbers frightened off by gun-toting clerk

MLive.com is reporting today that police say the clerk, identified only as a  24 year old resident from Muskegon Heights, unloaded a handgun during a robbery this morning at a Shell gas station.

It happened shortly after 6 o'clock when  the victim was being forced into a storage area where cigarettes were kept.  He told police he was in fear for his life when he pulled a handgun and fired 10 rounds at the masked suspect who was also carrying a gun.

The suspect then fled into a waiting vehicle with at least one person inside.  While there is no description available on the other suspect or suspects, the vehicle is listed as a newer model black Chevrolet 4-door.  It took off heading east on Sherman Boulevard.

It was a year ago in April that Heeringa--another clerk--went missing.  Police speculate she was abducted while working alone at a Mobil gas station--also in Norton Shores-- during a robbery.  She hasn't been seen since despite rewards being offered for information into her whereabouts.

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