"You wanted the best, you got the best!"

Of course, KISS was talking about their Live album.

When I quote them here, I'm talking about a favorite city of theirs: Detroit. Because Detroit just made number one when it comes to best pizza. Not just in the state, but in the whole dang country!

Best Pizza City in the United States: Detroit

AnytimeEstimate.com released an article containing a thorough analysis of how they came up with the results to that all-important question; which city reigns supreme pizza when it comes to best pizza? Their extensive research leads them to one conclusion, that Detroit is number one in a list of "15 Best Pizza Cities".

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And when I say thorough analysis, I mean it. They looked at a number of facets to determine which city would come out on top. Details like,

  • How many pizza shops per capita?
  • What's the variety like? Is it a one-note town? Or do they have some options?
  • How far away is it?
  • The cost, both of the average pepperoni pizza and what residents typically spend on a week in pizza.

I'll let them summarize it for you because your girl really loves a good play on words...

No matter how you slice the data, Detroit comes out on top in our 2022 rankings. The Motor City ranks high in multiple metrics, including No. 1 in pizza passion — meaning Detroiters appreciate a wide variety of pizza styles, according to local Google search trends.

Best Pizza Cities

Detroit ended up beating out Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio; Pittsburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; even Chicago, Illinois.

Worst Pizza Cities

Thankfully, Michigan didn't have any cities that made the list for "Worst Pizza Cities". But Texas did...they made up 30% of the list. See for yourself here.

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