Remember way back to January 25, 2006, when then-Governor Granholm told all Michiganders during her State of the State address “In 5 years, you're gonna be blown away”.   

Well, Michigan was certainly blown away.  According to the Mackinac Center for Public Policy since she took office, Michigan has experienced:

  • A precipitous decline in the relative wealth of its residents. Since January 2003, Michigan's per-capita personal income rank among the states has dropped from 23rd to 37th. Our personal income is now $5,259 (13.1 percent) below the national average.
  • A large decline in economic output as measured by state Gross Domestic Product, dropping from 26th at the start of the Granholm administration to 41st through 2008.
  • A dramatic increase in unemployment. Michigan's unemployment rate leapt from 6.7 percent in January 2003 to 14.6 percent through December 2009. The state has had the highest unemployment rate in the nation for 46 consecutive months.
  • Record setting out-migration. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that Michigan has lost population for the last four years in a row and was only one of two states to lose population last year. More than 87,000 people migrated from the state between July 2008 and July 2009 alone. United Van Lines — a household moving company — reports that 68 percent of all its Michigan-related traffic is outbound.

I could go on but it is embarrassing enough for her and too painful to remind Michiganders of those dark days.

Well, guess what, Joe Biden has asked her to bring what she brought to Michigan as the United States Secretary of Energy.  The Department of Energy was established in 1977 during the Carter administration. The mission of the Energy Department “is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions”.

The Daily Caller reminded us of her colossal failures she brought to Michigan such as:

Granholm’s administration provided a $9.1 million refundable tax credit to a renewable energy company registered to the address of a single-wide trailer and run by a convicted embezzler named Richard Short. Short was found to be in violation of his parole and sent back to prison after appearing on stage with Granholm in 2010 to accept assistance from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority, according to Michigan Capitol Confidential.

Granholm also granted $10 million to an electric car battery manufacturer, A123 Systems, in 2009 and lauded the company in a press conference, saying it would help “make Michigan the alternative energy capital of North America and the advanced battery capital of the world.”

A123 Systems, which also received a $249.12 million federal grant by the Obama administration, filed for bankruptcy in 2012. The company is still in operation today as a subsidiary of a Chinese firm, Wanxiang America.

Another manufacturer of electric vehicle components that received Michigan taxpayer-funded assistance under Granholm’s watch, Azure Dynamics, filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and laid off 120 employees.

Granholm served as governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011.

Only 2.3 percent of the 434 projects funded by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority under Granholm’s watch were successful in meeting their projected job creation goals, according to the American Energy Alliance.

After Thomas Pyle, President of American Energy Alliance found out about her record in Michigan he said:

“If her track record in Michigan was an audition for the Department of Energy she certainly failed...She had a history of not doing due diligence, throwing money to try to force technological changes that weren’t ready for the marketplace...She basically saddled Michigan taxpayers with millions of dollars in a sort of transfer to startups and most of them were failures. Why would you put someone in charge of the pursestrings at the Department of Energy who has a track record like that?”

Exactly Thomas why would any sane person put her in charge of even a lemonade stand?

Oh what Joe is, never mind.

Thanks, Joe!

Did you know that Granholm and her husband became millionaires after she left office?  ABC “News” is reporting that they are worth somewhere between $4.4 million up to $16.8 million in corporate interests and private assets including millions in companies linked to the energy industry.

Didn’t the Democrats have a problem with President Trump and his assets?

Wonder if they feel the same about Granholm.

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