Over the years there have been many canning and packing companies in Michigan…too many to list, too many to hold your interest.

Michigan shops and stores didn’t just get canned and bottled goods from other places in the United States or around the globe, ya know. Michigan had – and still has – a good many canning and bottling companies of its own.

Just about any product you could think of was canned and distributed by a Michigan company: Beer, oysters, coffee, potato chips, fruit, juice, milk, pop, spices, lard, meats, peanut butter, maple syrup, salmon, candies, baby food, honey, pickles, mace…..

As in pepper spray?
No…mace as in a spice, related to nutmeg.
Do any stores even sell mace as a spice anymore?

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Nowadays when we go into a store, whether it’s Meijer, a Spartan store, Valu-Land, Aldi’s, Kroger, etc., we’re used to seeing their own brands…any other lesser Michigan canned goods kinda get pushed to the background, and all we know or see are the usual ones. But Michigan had/has a wide variety of canning and bottling plants around the state…almost in every city and a good number of smaller towns.

The one product that has been ‘canned’ to death in just about every city, town, and village in Michigan is COFFEE. You name the city, there is probably a coffee that comes from there.....but they usually all taste the same.

There seems to have been an infinite number of canning plants in Michigan, now it seems like it’s dwindled down to a few. You can see some of the current ones here.

Yes, I'm rambling...but rambling for a reason...to lead up to the following photos. The gallery below shows a good number of these old canned goods, many of the plants now gone to the wayside. Take a look and see if you remember any!

Michigan Canning Products


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Gallery Credit: John Robinson

Wolverine Soap Company, Portland, Mi.

The Oldest Bottling Company in Michigan

The Bottling Works of Michigan

WHIRLPOOL, Created in Michigan

Vlasic Pickles

Sanders Chocolates

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