It is getting really embarrassing to claim the state of Michigan.

Did you know that states get a report card every year to see how well they are or are not doing?

Well, Michigan's report card is not looking good for this year.

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Infrastructure Report Card

The Infrastructure Report Card says that,

for too long, Michigan's infrastructure suffered the impacts of chronic underinvestment. Fortunately, progress has ben made over the past five years thanks to investments from the state and federal lawmakers.

However, based on these report card scores, has Michigan really improved at all?

Here is what Michigan scored in each of the fourteen categories, including the overall score.

Michigan's Score On Infrastructure Report Card

The infrastructure report card is scored like the school grading scale: A to F, with pluses and minuses.

Aviation = C


With over $23 billion contributed to the state's economy from 234 airports, you would think this score would be better.

Bridges = D+

According to the report card,

approximately 1,269 (11%) of those bridges are in poor condition, stable from 11% in 2018, but higher than the 7.5% national average.

Dams = C-

With 2,600 dams in the state, the report card says,

Six percent of dams in Michigan have “significant” hazard potential, meaning should they fail, loss of life and economic damage is likely.

Drinking Water = D+


Energy = D

If you have issues with DTE, you are not alone. The report says,

In 2020, utilities in Michigan were 37% higher than the national average in time to restore non-momentary electric interruptions. High outages were reported in 2021 and 2023 with a small 2022 dip, principally due to storms.

Inland Waterways = C

I thought that our waterways were pretty good, but the report says differently:

Over 90% of Great Lakes coastal structures are older than 60 years, exceeding the typical 50-year design life and increasing costs to maintain operations.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Public Parks = C

With Governor Whitmer's "Building Michigan Together Plan," hopefully the score for the public parks will grow.

Rail = C

Out of 4,000 miles of railway, the report says that,

Three passenger rail services operate between Chicago and Michigan’s cities, but the state is disconnected from high-ridership routes that connect Boston, New York, and Washington.

Roads = D

The number of times we have complained about potholes and road structures. There was even a man who went fishing in a pothole!!


Schools = C-

How did the report card grade our schools (where report cards traditionally come from)?

Per pupil facility spending in Michigan now roughly equals the national average of $1,376 per pupil. But much of recent investment comes from one-time increases expiring in 2024.

Pay teachers better, please!

Solid Waste = C-

Stormwater = D

When it comes to stormwater, the report card says,

Total annual precipitation has increased by approximately 14% in the Great Lakes Region since 1900, but the amount of precipitation falling in the heaviest 1% of storms has increased by 35% since 1951.

Transit = C-

Over the next 25 years, the report card says that Michigan needs to invest $17.3 billion into public transport.

The state is also experiencing a shortage of qualified bus operators and mechanics to operate and maintain transit fleets, which constrains service and limits growth potential. Greater funding from predictable, dedicated sources – state and local funds to match increased federal dollars – is necessary for Michigan to improve and expand transit services.

Wasterwater = C

EGLE estimates 10% to 25% of these systems are at the end of their useful life or have failed.

Well that is just perfect, isn't it??

With an overall grade of a C-, this is truly sickening!

Infrastructure Report Card
Infrastructure Report Card

There is no grade that is higher than a solid C. If a parent saw this report card, they would give their kids a stern talking to.

Michigan needs to get it together! We need to do better!

What do you think Michigan should do better first?

Want to see the full report? Click here.

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