This is such a sad story about a 13 year old boy who was hit by a car last week because the bus driver failed to use the bus's stop lights and stop sign.

And because of the bus driver's negligence, this 13 year old autistic boy is dead and it could have been prevented.

I feel so bad for the parents and family members of this young man who I'm sure are having a very difficult time dealing with the bad news.

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Obviously not being there to witness what exactly happened leaves much to the imagination, but none the less, the Michigan bus driver was charged with second degree child abuse.

Here's what had to say:

White is accused of not ensuring that Zyair Harris was able to safely cross the street after he got off the bus last Wednesday in the area of east Nevada and Healy streets around 4:41 p.m. As Harris was crossing the street, police say the school bus's lights and stop sign were not activated. Another vehicle traveling nearby did not stop for the bus and hit Harris as he attempted to cross.

I'm personally not going to give anyone a hard time about this but I will say that the bus driver is responsible for every student who gets on the bus and gets off the bus every single day of the week.

The other thing that comes to mind for me is why didn't the driver of that vehicle involved in the accident not slow way down realizing he or she was near a school bus in the first place?

Even when I see a school bus anywhere in the Okemos area and I see the bus come to a complete stop, I use extreme caution.

If I didn't see any stop lights or a stop sign being used, I would have wondered what was going on, but I certainly would have used good judgement and proceeded very carefully.

I understand that the school bus driver didn't do her job correctly, but I also see the other driver at fault for speeding past the bus.

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