Even before the pandemic, we were moving toward a world where shopping online is the norm. Personally, I think it has made an already lazy world even lazier. That being said, we all do it. Some people buy just a couple of things here and there. Other people order stuff by the van load. We buy almost anything from home.

Amazon Hosts Its Annual Prime Day, With Many Items On Sale Online
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You might be someone who relies on those nicely placed product reviews. If you are, you might want to know that according to one study, at least 42% of Amazon reviews are FAKE. How do you know which ones you can trust? Allow us to help you.

Here are red flags that mean reviews of a product are fake:

Nearly all reviews are 5 stars with an occasional 4 mixed in. Anything negative is so minor it won't typically affect the purchase.

Little or no depth in the details, non-specific praise, and generic or basic titles

Constantly letting you know that it is better than competing products.

Most of the reviews sound the same.

Several reviews occur on specific dates, with a lot of time between those dates.

The "Customer Also Bought," section is filled with completely unrelated products. This is a sign of bots or paid reviewers.

I hope that helps. In case you are looking for something to buy, with the holidays on the way, here are some ideas for the techie in your family.

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