Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and other state leaders will convene meetings this week in an effort to identify what can be done to prevent the kind of mass shootings that have become all too common over the past many years. The most recent attack left 9 people dead on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

This week Governor Snyder will be talking to a variety of experts about how that kind of deadly rampage can be stopped before it ever happens in Michigan. Snyder will be taking a look at several issues, one of which will be the question of so called ‘Gun Free Zones.’ Pro- gun groups have often pointed to evidence that mass killings at places like the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut almost always occur where firearms are banned. Other high profile shootings in Gun Free Zones include the assault on a military recruiting station in Chatanooga, the DC Navy Yard shooting and the murder of Christians at a Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina.

One of the experts that will be sitting down with the Governor is Dr. John Lott, a nationally recognized academic who has evaluated gun and crime statistics for many years. Lott, who was a Professor at Yale and the University of Chicago among other places is one of the nations leading critics of anti-gun groups and politicians like President Barack Obama on what he considers misguided attempts to limit and ban guns.

Lott, who taught at the University of Chicago at the same time Obama was a part time instructor says Obama told him “I don’t think anyone should have guns.” Lott has also done statistical analysis of FBI crime stats and written several books including the national bestseller ‘More Guns Less Crime.”

Anti-gun groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown, often target Lott for his books and opinions.  However it seems Governor Snyder values Lott’s opinion on the subject of guns in America. He will be arriving in Lansing to meet with the Governor and State Senator Mike Green among others on Tuesday.

Lott is a regular guest on The Steve Gruber Show, which is syndicated statewide and will be back on the program Tuesday with a preview of his discussions with the Governor.

Michigan would join several other states in reviewing the role of gun free zones when it comes to the hideous crime of Mass Shootings.