Last Thursday evening and all day Friday Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel complained about President Trump not wearing a mask at a Ford plant where Whitmer ordered him to.  In fact Nessel would not stop talking about Trump and a mask and not a syllable about the nursing home beating.  Nessel even threatened Ford Motor Company executive's for not forcing the President to wear a mask the entire time visiting their plant.  By the way never once has she had a problem with Whitmer not wearing a mask in enclosed public places during her press conferences and I have yet to hear someone ask her about that.

What Nessel did not have enough concern about to even mention one word is the 20-year-old man beating a 75-year-old man in a nursing home.  I find that very interesting and very telling where Nessel’s priorities are.  This 20-year man was the roommate of the 75-year-old man, why the 20-year-old lives in a nursing home we are not told.

When you look back at Nessel’s year and a half as Michigan’s AG you will notice that she has spent most of that time going after groups of people or businesses that she does not like.  She was and is a political activist and has spent her time in office proving exactly that.  She jumps from one social justice cause to another never really worrying about all of the people of Michigan.  If you do not fit into one of the political identity groups that she identifies with you are out of luck.

Michigan needs an AG that will stand up and fight for all of the people of Michigan, not just the people she likes and identifies with.

Protesters at the Capital in Lansing

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