It's crazy how many storms and power outages Michiganders have had to deal with this summer. You have to admit, it was a lot to deal with for so many across the state.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is looking to get some feedback from those residents that were directly affected by the power outages in August.

Hell, a buddy of mine that lives in Oak Park lost power and was without it for five days. Obviously, he wasn't the only one, more than 800,000 people across the state lost power during the week of August 9.

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According to WDIV, the state’s AG is asking residents to share information like who their utility provider is, what county they live in and how long their power outage, or outages, lasted.

Attorney General Dana Nessel:

As a state, we must put a heavier priority on examining our utility companies and how they adapt to the changing climate and needs of their millions of customers. It remains unacceptable that Michigan residents have grown to expect power outages every time there’s severe weather in the forecast. We can -- and must -- do better. I appreciate the public’s help by providing my office with information on the hardships they faced during extended outages.

Here's the August power outage form.

DTE’s president and CEO said they plan to create a more resilient infrastructure to help prevent massive outage events in the future. Hopefully, something is coming soon because I think it's only the beginning of us seeing weather like we did this summer.

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