Those at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention already have their hands full dealing with ways to contain a potential outbreak of Ebola in this country, and now they're looking to determine how to protect the most vulnerable of our society against horrific side effects of Enterovirus D-68.

The Detroit News is reporting that Michigan officials have already confirmed to the CDC that a child is being treated in an Ann Arbor hospital for the virus suffering from partial paralysis.   Cases of such have been reported in other states as well, including Colorado, Missouri and Virginia.

According to the report, the problems suffered by the children have ranged in severity from weakness in extremities to treatment in intensive care units.   The Washtenaw County child was reported to have numbness in the leg area.

The neurologic illnesses started appearing in late summer.  It coincided with the beginning of the time cases of D-68 were being reported prompting medical officials to believe there is a link but officials aren't sure what it is.  Not all of those who contract the virus suffer the paralysis.

The first cases this year were identified in Chicago and Kansas City.  Since then, nearly 500 patients have been identified in 41 states, including Michigan.  25 cases have been confirmed here.

The best defense, according to doctors, is frequent hand washing.

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