Why is Michigan seeing so many confirmed cases and deaths while so few people are being tested?

The most recent data by covidtracking.com as of 8:30 A.M. on April 2nd show the following:

Confirmed Cases By State:

  1. New York 83,712
  2. New Jersey 22,255
  3. Michigan 9,334
  4. California 8,155
  5. Massachusetts 7,738
  6. Illinois 6,980
  7. Florida 6,955
  8. Louisiana 6,424
  9. Pennsylvania 5,805
  10. Washington 5,634

Number of processed Covid-19 Tests by State:

  1. New York 220,880
  2. Florida 66,484
  3. Washington 66,200
  4. New Jersey 52,642
  5. Massachusetts 51,738
  6. Pennsylvania 48,232
  7. Texas 47,857
  8. Louisiana 45,776
  9. Illinois 40,384
  10. Tennessee 32,452
  11. California 29,927
  12. Ohio 29,539
  13. North Carolina 26,243
  14. Michigan 21,227

Politico points out Michigan's testing blind spots by saying,

Michigan, which opened its first drive-through testing site this week in the emerging hotspot of Detroit, saw its confirmed case count jump by 1,000 on Monday, and then again on Tuesday. The state ranks third nationally in deaths, with 259, but its per capita testing rate is less than one-third that of New York’s.

Experts tell Weforum.org why testing is important,

Testing is important because asking people with mild symptoms just to stay home will lead to more infections in the household and community. If tested and positive, people can either be isolated in a facility (like in China/Vietnam) or put on strict home isolation (which they are more likely to adhere to if they know they have the virus for sure). When resources are limited and when the healthcare system is overloaded, however, you don’t want a lot of non-sick people coming to health facilities and risking contagion.

There is no uniform system in place and that's a problem.  Testing strategies don't just vary by state.  They vary county to county and sometimes city to city.

For now, Michiganders need to obey the Stay Home, Stay Safe order in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19.

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