It certainly has been an awesome spring and summer weather wise in 2020. It’s about the only thing that has been going right for us, considering all of the coronavirus madness. We’ve experienced some multiple day runs in the 90’s and rain really has not been a problem this summer. For the first time in a few years we are getting just enough rain to keep our lawns green, as opposed to all the rain we saw in the beginning of the summer last year.

We’re looking for it to warm up again this weekend, hitting upper 80’s by Friday, 90’s on Saturday, and mid to upper 80’s next week as we start winding down to the 70’s by next weekend. We’ll see a high of 90 this Saturday, and 74 the following Saturday. No rain really in the forecast until next weekend when the temperatures drop. The good news is today through the first of September we should see sunshine every day. At least with our restrictions on public crowds, mother nature has been providing a very nice climate for our summer this year.

My wife and I take advantage of walking in the many great parks here in Mid-Michigan. And with many of the food establishments expanding their outdoor dining, safely dining out and enjoying the weather is a welcome adventure. The Farmers Almanac predicts the first week of September will bring fair weather with showery conditions through labor day. We’re still waiting on the Farmers Almanac take on the upcoming winter season. We’re experiencing some very pleasant weather this season, be sure to get out and enjoy it. Days are getting shorter and winter is just around the corner.


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