Every town has something a little odd. Some have manikins in their front yard... yes I said manikins, while others may just have Sarah Michelle Gellar in their window, watching the city of Lansing pass her by. Maybe she's getting ready to fight off some evil too?

Have You Seen The Saginaw Michelle Gellar? It's A Staple In Lansing!

It sounds crazy, but I honestly think it's hilarious. There is a home here in Lansing that is known as the Saginaw Michelle Gellar home. The reason behind that is that Sarah Michelle Gellar stands in the window, looking out at passersby.

Saginaw Michelle Gellar got her name because she stands near Saginaw and Jenson here in Lansing.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I didn't think too much of it, as it's just a cardboard cutout in a window... but it's apparently a staple here in Lansing, according to some Reddit users, mentioning it's been a part of their morning commute for a while now...

City of Lansing, Michigan via YouTube
City of Lansing, Michigan via YouTube

The home the Saginaw Michelle Gellar occupies is actually an old fire station here in Lansing.

Why Are We Blessed By Saginaw Michelle Gellar?

Originally, the current owners had thrown up the cardboard cut out as a way to block out the windows as they hadn't bought any curtains, and it's yet to move from its place.

It should be noted too, that one Reddit user commented and noted that the hat in the photo does change throughout the seasons, saying they've even seen a Santa hat before.

It should be noted, that if you're not expecting Saginaw Gellar, be prepared for quite a fright...

I guess if you're trying to ward away any vampires, she's definitely the girl to throw up in your window. Maybe even a few monsters...

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