Smart people realize what their weaknesses are and attempt to surround themselves with people who can help them with those weaknesses.  For instance, not everyone can be a good campaigner like President Trump is and former President Clinton was.

Unfortunately in today’s age being a competent and intelligent person is not always good enough to run for President and win.  Many have to be good on the stump, look good on T.V., have catchy phrases and unfortunately be a very good con man or woman if you do not intend to follow-up on their campaign promises.

CNBC is reporting the Democrat Presidential Primary candidate Michael Bloomberg is considering former Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a running mate.

Hillary Clinton brought quite a bit of luggage to her own campaign and one piece of that luggage was she was a horrible campaigner.  Michael Bloomberg also brings quite a bit of luggage to the dance: stop and frisk, flip-flopping on issues and political parties and being a billionaire attempting to buy the election in the Democratic Party to name a few.  Also if you have seen any coverage of Michael Bloomberg on the stump he is not very good as a campaigner so why would he float Hillary as a running mate?

Well, we are told Mike Bloomberg is considering Hilary Clinton as a vice-presidential running mate after they ran and found positive internal polling about their potential pairing. Really who did they actually poll? I assume other Democrats.  Remember this is the party who elected Hank Johnson, the Democrat Congressman who thinks the island of Guam will tip over if too many people are on one side, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar the anti-Semites and “if I only had a brain” AOC, racist/bigots like Hakeem Jeffries and Maxine Waters, a self-identified Socialist/Communist Bernie Sanders I could go on and on and on but I will stop there.

The Director of Communications for the Bloomberg campaign, Jason Schechter said in a statement to CNBC:

We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation

It did not sound like a denial to me.

The question still remains why?  I will not be like all of the Democrats/Liberals and most of the “news” media, I know that is redundant, and say a person who built a business empire is not intelligent.  Like President Trump who built a business empire Michael Bloomberg must be also intelligent to do so.

Is this just a trial balloon to attempt to garner more votes or does the Bloomberg campaign really believe adding an old political dinosaur to his team would attract voters who are looking towards the future.

Wait I forgot this is the very same Democratic Party whose front runner is now a 78-year-old self-identified Socialist who has done nothing of note except con enough people to vote for him his entire life.

This party really confuses me are they the party of old white guys, billionaires, socialist, communist, LGBTQ, People of color or younger people.  Pick one or two and let me and the rest of us know.

I ask that question because they are the party of political identity groups and not the big tent party they say they are since they hate all people who do not think like them.

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