A murder conviction has been erased for a Royal Oak man accused of setting a house fire that killed 5 kids.

Can you imagine going to prison for 15 years for something you didn't do? It has to be the worst feeling ever.

It's very sad to know that 5 children lost their lives in a fire due to an arsonist, but locking up an innocent man is not a solution but also a crime in itself.

According to MLive, 50-year-old Juwan Deering has been in prison since 2006 after being convicted of starting a fire that killed five children. Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald says evidence not shared during the original trial and other factors made it clear that the case was not handled properly and that Deering should not have been convicted at the time.

Saying Deering should not have been convicted at the time lends me to believe than rather than release him, the prosecutor may be looking at retrying him again which is odd with the evidence that wasn't used in the original trial.

MLive reported that McDonald even said critical evidence was, "buried in files in my office" and that evidence would have cast doubt on the case at the time.

The evidence McDonald was referring to had to do with a video interview that the jury never saw of a 13-year-old survivor of the fire who was looking at photos the police had provided of potential suspects. The survivor said that Deering was not the guy.

There were also jail informants that were used by the prosecutor in the case that received substantial benefits to their own well being on reducing their time in jail for testifying against Deering. There was no mention of this to the jurors.

The is a group of lawyers at the University of Michigan who run the Innocence Clinic and after researching the case determined their client is fully innocent and should not have been tried in the case in the first place.

What is even crazier, after the prosecutor and his attorney team have determined Deering is innocent and his conviction has been erased, he is still in jail while Prosecutor McDonald decides if he should face another trial.

Hopefully Deering is able to sue Oakland County for restitution of being incarcerated wrongfully for 15 years.

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