Michigan's state House passed a $1.2 billion plan to increase road funding without raising taxes.

Yes, you read that correctly.

This plan will use all of the gasoline sale taxes on infrastructure, instead of the gasoline taxes going to schools and local governments.

The bill was approved Thursday night by the Republican-led House and would gradually eliminate the 6 percent sales tax at the pump and incrementally increase per-gallon fuel taxes.

The sponsors of the bill say the plan eventually would raise $1.2 billion a year more to spend on infrastructure.

The opponents of the bill say by eliminating the sales tax on gas, schools and municipalities could be deprived of their gasoline tax funding. In response the republicans say the bill ensures funding would stay intact.

In contrast the Republican led Senate not long ago voted to more than double Michigan’s 19-cents-a-gallon gas tax to boost road funding.

Sounds like a novel idea to be dedicating tax money to the thing they are taxing.

The big question is can the school funding truly stay intact? Or can we find waste, fraud and abuse in the school system to replace the lost taxes?

Perhaps we could eliminate the Michigan Department of Education.

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