Meijer has issued a statement after hundreds of customers at stores across the Midwest were double charged over the weekend.

What Happened?

Software issues caused some Meijer customers who paid for groceries or gas with credit or debit cards to be charged twice or in some cases multiple times. Customers were unable to use WIC or Bridge cards over the weekend (5/22-5/23) and were not able to purchase gift cards because of the technical snafu.

Meijer Issued a Statement

Christina Fecher is the Corporate Communications Senior Manager with Meijer. The retailer issued a statement, saying the other retailers were affected as well.

“During the weekend, we had sporadic issues with the credit/debit purchases at some of our stores, which caused delays in processing time, and in some cases, more than one charge for the same amount. Our understanding is numerous retailers were affected," the statement reads. "In most cases, the financial institutions will quickly cancel out the duplicate charges. If any customer has an issue, they should alert their financial institution, which should be able to quickly take care of the problem."

Advice From the Better Business Bureau

Katie Grevious is a communication specialist at the Better Business Bureau. She tells WOOD-TV that Meijer is working to fix the software issues that caused the duplicate charges.

“So far, we have no indication that there is any sort of scam or information compromise," Grevious says. "What we know is that Meijer is still working on it and fixing their issues with the card statements.”

She notes that duplicate charge issues are much easier to resolve with credit card companies but debit card disputes may take a little longer. She encourages anyone who is concerned about security to talk to their bank or credit card companies and to be vigilant about monitoring their account activity.

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