It’s funny how perfectly predictable (you may prefer the term lazy here) some people and organizations really are. I was amazed and saddened a bit however while reading a meandering and meaningless comment from the head of the Michigan Education Association following Governor Snyder’s State of the State address. I mean do they have these inane things written out long hand on 3 by 5 cards?

You decide:

Strong public schools are the key to helping Michigan students compete in a global economy, and those of us on the frontlines of education are ready to help pave the way forward. Michigan teachers and school support professionals look forward to working with Gov. Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature, and contributing to the critical dialogue about reforming our schools. MEA members support accountability at all levels, including intervention, remediation and transparency, so all schools – traditional public schools and charter schools – play by the same rules.” Steve Cook, President of the Michigan Education Association

This kind of pointless and might I say meaningless drivel could have been torn from any speech from any leader of the union at any time since I was in high school in the 1980’s. The statement means absolutely nothing. In fact I’m going to save it for a few years to see how it compares to future offerings from Michigan’s largest teachers union. My guess it will stack right up there with other meaningless bits of noise.

I’d keep writing but I have to go contribute some meaningful dialogue in an effort to support my fellow Michigan residents in their pursuit of excellence in an expanding global economy which demands more attention to get preferred results… blah blah blah!