You might remember back in February I wrote a blog about MDOT spending $11.4 million  on railcars they have never used. Our politicians were leasing those cars for about $3,000 a day.

Well, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that MDOT is finalizing an agreement that will stop the hemorrhaging of taxpayer dollars.

This is due to all of the media coverage uncovering this horrible waste of taxpayer dollars.

According to the Detroit Free Press, “Tim Hoeffner, director of MDOT’s Office of Rail, said details aren’t finalized, but this much is agreed between MDOT and the owner of the cars, Great Lakes Central Railroad: The state will stop the lease payments of $3,000 a day, but the railroad will still promise to make the railcars available to MDOT, should they be needed, for up to five years.”

MDOT was going to use these double-decker passenger cares for commuter services between Detroit and Ann Arbor. The only problem is they didn't lay a track to run the service and didn't have a plan on how to fund the track.

I asked before, and I ask again, "Who were the brainiacs that approved blowing over $12 million to date on these trains?"

Finally, media did something that they are suppose to be doing all the time — and that is questioning and shinning the light on politicians blundering and plundering.

That's good news for Michigan. And hopefully the media will stop their main objective of decades past — that being pushing their liberal agenda — and start to build on this success and do what our founding fathers gave them the power to do.

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