McDonald's restaurants forced to deal with those calling for healthier food choices--including millennials who are more focused on body image--but now it looks like the fast-food restaurant is losing another big chunk of its base.

Sales slip as customers are looking for "real food" prompting a change in marketing is reporting a study done by Crain's Chicago Business has found that kids are turning their backs on the "Golden Arches" in favor of other eateries.

The new favorite, according to the article, is Chick-fil-A.   The main appeal according to the young crowd is that they have "real food" on their menu.   Another chain gaining in popularity is Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The numbers confirm what has become a trend.  While all fast-food chains seem to be losing steam with families looking for a healthier fare, McDonald's has taken the biggest hit.

Families with children under 12 accounted for better than 18.6% of their sales in 2011. Today that number is just over 14 and a half percent.

Sales at U. S. stores fell 2.8%.  Globally, that number is 3.7%.  McDonald's says those numbers are the worst in a decade.

Recent marketing campaigns are reflecting the seriousness of the problem.  They're focusing now on families and millennials, rather than the food.

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