On Tuesday voters will be going to the polls in several big states including Illinois, where organized Socialist and Democratic protesters invaded a planned rally by Donald Trump and shut the event down. After talking to Chicago Police and the Secret Service, the candidate agreed to cancel the event. However, that was after thousands had already filled the hall in anticipation of seeing their man take the stage. In the ensuing confusion, it spiraled into violent skirmishes, vulgar language, taunts, teasing and name-calling. All of that and Trump was nowhere around. The protestors outnumbered those who had come to hear the speech and it created a very dangerous environment.

Billionaire George Soros’ radical left wing organization, Move On dot Org- and it’s members openly took credit for the chaos and ability to shut down a peaceful rally. They celebrated their ability to be violent and stifle freedom of speech in a way I have never witnessed. Soros, the Hungarian born billionaire and hard core leftist has vowed to ‘stop Trump’ and just injected at least $15 million more dollars into the fight. He has certainly used his money to create an atmosphere for more violence in the near future as radical leftists will try to build on what they see as a victory in Chicago.

One of their hero’s Bill Ayers, an actual terrorist and founding member of the Weather Underground, was among the hooligans running wild in the streets and attacking their fellow citizens. He is a master at creating such problems.

The really strange part of the story however is the media as well as Republican rivals are also blaming Trump for an obviously organized attack on his event and rally. All three of the other remaining candidates in the GOP race Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz along with Ohio Governor John Kasich criticized Trump for strong language they say encouraged the melee. That’s right they blamed him. Really? Trump said during previous rallies that if people wanted to throw tomatoes they should be taken out. Well, is he wrong about that? Should he say instead, “hey get your back into it and make a really good throw so you can hit me in the face.”

After the organized Chicago shut down of Trump’s rally, radical leftist progressive groups like Black Lives Matter, Move On dot Org, supporters of Bernie Sanders and others all vowed on social media to keep shutting Trump down. So much for free speech in America, huh? I told you it would only take a few more years before both the First and Second Amendments would be discarded by the left for the sake of ‘the children.’ Sadly it appears it is closer now than ever before.

However, there is another phenomenon that is blooming in the wake of the Chicago attack on Trump. He has become a martyr. You see people in America generally don’t like the idea of forcibly shutting someone up. Most Americans are more along the lines of: if you don’t like the show change the channel.

Interestingly the people of Illinois will now have a chance to weigh in on the conduct of its folks in the streets of Chicago attacking other Americans because they don’t like the candidate they are listening to. Trump had a lead in Illinois of about 8 or 10 points prior to the melee, I wonder what the final results will be.

In fact, I would not be surprised to see Trump roll to victory in all 5 states on Tuesday based on the blossoming anger on the internet about the Chicago events. I took time to read post after post of people who just yesterday were supporters of Ted Cruz but today, because the Senator blamed Trump for being attacked by leftist street thugs at a rally, are now dumping Cruz and joining the movement.

Attacking Trump in this manner makes him stronger. I am looking forward to Hillary going on the offensive.