This week, the President will be traveling around the country and discussing Joe Biden’s decades of failures on the economy and immigration. 

President Trump has put America First and secured countless wins for Americans. President Trump replaced the terrible NAFTA agreement that resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs with the USMCA. USMCA was a huge win for farmers and manufacturers across the country. The President delivered record low unemployment for nearly every demographic and he will do it again. The President’s tax cut provided tax relief to 82% of middle class families

 President Trump has kept his promise to build a border wall to secure the southern border and stop drugs from pouring into our communities. Nearly 500 miles of wall are expected to be completed by the end of the year. President Trump has taken action to end catch and release and stop the surge of migrants flooding to our border. The President is standing up to “sanctuary” states and localities who harbor and protect criminal illegal aliens.

Listen to the conversation this morning with Marc Lotter, the Director of Strategic Communications for the 2020 Trump Campaign.

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