If you attending Marble Elementary School on Hagadorn Road in East Lansing and you want to get some photos of the school before it's demolished, you might want to get there soon because it looks like the school's days are numbered. According to a post on the East Lansing Info Facebook page, the demolition of the old Marble Elementary School building is expected to get underway soon--very soon--while construction of the new Marble Elementary School is expected to start later this summer. You can find out the latest news on the construction project on the East Lansing Info website.

Shannon Raum Rowell, who attended Marble Elementary School, had this to say about the years she spent attending Marble, "I spent my formative years, and some of the very best years of my life within these walls. Spaghetti dinners, carnivals, great friendships, great teachers, great MEMORIES! It was nice to revisit and take a few pictures for posterity (couldn’t get inside, sadly)." Well, even though she wasn't able to actually get inside the school, Shannon was still able to take some great pictures of Marble Elementary School. You can see those photos in the photo gallery below.

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Photos of Marble Elementary School in East Lansing

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