A man who allegedly attempted to skip out on his year-long jail sentence for drug possession could be facing significantly more time behind bars.

The Battle Creek Enquirer says that 43-year-old Edwin Walker was arraigned Wednesday on a charge related to his escape from jail, a charge that could carry up to six years in prison; he could get even more than that as several other crimes were committed during the alleged flight. Walker was a worker at the Calhoun County Jail who had access to non-secure areas of the facility.

On Saturday, authorities say he escaped by walking out of the kitchen and eventually stealing a running U-Haul truck from in front of a business on East Columbia Ave. In Emmett Township. Police in the Lansing area were notified to keep an eye out for Walker, as he had reportedly been in contact with a cousin there prior to the escape; as officers were parked near the cousin’s apartment, they spotted the stolen U-Haul and eventually arrested Walker following a foot chase and scuffle.

If Walker is convicted in connection to these new charges, he will have to finish his current year long jail sentence for possession of oxycodone before he heads to prison.

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