The angry anti-masker caught on video wiping his nose on a Michigan store clerk knows his future.

You may remember the story of the angry customer wiping his face on a Dollar Tree employee after she asked him to wear a mask in the store per the store's policy back in May.  You can see that full story including the security video footage by clicking here.

The incident happened on May 2nd.  With the help of the video going viral on social media, the man was later identified as 68-year-old Rex Gornoll.  When police confronted Gornoll with the video footage he admitted it was him.  On May 4th Rex was arrested and plead no contest to assault and battery.

Judge Fabrizio handed down his sentence in the case yesterday according to The Oakland Press,

(Rex Gornoll) has been ordered to undergo life adjustment counseling, serve 12 months reporting probation and pay $625 in court costs and fines.

Gornoll gave no reason why he acted this way at the Dollar Tree in Holly, MI and in addition to the sentence above he is also ordered to stay away from that Dollar Tree location.

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