Yea. You read that right.

Well, typically we normally only see this type of headline come from Florida, but this man from Vanderbuilt decided that he wanted some of the attention. Jonathan Brisson, a 32-year-old man from Otsego County, Michigan, was arrested last week by the police and was arraigned on Monday, January 10th, 2022.

According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, Brisson made death threats against Otsego County Circuit Court Chief Judge Colin G. Hunter. These threats were allegedly made on Facebook and now Brisson has been arraigned on one count of communicating a false threat of terrorism. That count is a 20-year felony.

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After the arraignment, Brisson was given a $50,000 cash/surety bond and cannot have any contact with Judge Hunter or the court building. If he is released, Brisson will not be allowed to possess a firearm, alcohol or drugs, and must undergo a community health evaluation before being released.

How did this all start you ask? Well, Judge Hunter granted a personal protection order that was against Brisson, and Brisson was mad about it. In early January, Brisson made a series of posts on Facebook. Those posts were direct threats against the judge that included Brisson challenging Judge Hunter to a duel. The posts also included threats of decapitation as well as Brisson "leading the civil war against the children in office." Brisson is due back in court for a probable cause conference on January 20th.

So remember this story if you ever feel bad about yourself. At least you are not the numbnuts that challenge a sitting judge to a duel.

Source: MI AG Nessel

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