Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is the latest high profile politician in the state to say ‘let the voters decide’ on the hot button issue of legalizing marijuana. Schuette’s latest comments on pot are a long way from the position he espoused just last year when he said among other things, ”We should not go down this road of legalizing drugs…It exposes young kids, children, to ever more potent drugs use, and I think that’s not good for the in the future.”

Michigan attorney Michael Komorn wrote this about the AG and his resistance to the legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes: Since he was elected in 2010, Schuette has issued 14 opinions 4 of which have been about medical marijuana. Aside from issuing the opinions (all of which have been anti-medical marijuana), Schuette has hosted seminars for law enforcement across the state. When my office inquired whether I could sit in on one, I was told they were for police and local government officials only. At these seminars, Schuette instructed officers to arrest patients, confiscate any medical marijuana, and let the courts decide whether a crime had been committed. The AG went on further to explain that if a police officer returned the seized cannabis to the patient or caregiver, they themselves could be charged with the felony offense of delivery of a schedule one controlled substance.

That however is the old Bill Schuette. The new Bill Schuette says the voters should weigh in on the matter. Appearing on WKAR TV he said, "I personally don't think we need to put more drugs in the hands of kids — families have enough trouble as it is — but let the people decide," and then added "I think in the end, (recreational marijuana) will be a ballot initiative, and I think citizens ought to vote on this."

We will see if it’s just a smoke screen or a new path for a Republican many people including myself see as a likely contender to be the next Governor in Michigan.