For the second year in a row, the annual Mackinac Policy Conferencee will focus on troubles facing the city of Detroit.

Detroit situation entering phase two

The Detroit News is reporting today that the event at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island will this year discuss a proposed $195 million dollar payment to the struggling city.

Last year, the talk was centered on what would be at risk if the city files for bankrupcy.

The deal on the table now, to help shore up the pension system and protect the art at the Detroit Institute of Arts, would send the money to the city with oversight on future expenditures for the next two decades.

Pensioners must sign off on the plan, though, along with the DIA, creditors and the courts.

Failure to get all on board, could result in even deeper cuts.

Other issues likely to take centerstage, include a proposal for road funding and a possible hike in the minimum wage.

A plan is being discussed that could raise the tax rate on gasoline to nearly 45-cents a gallon.  Also, a proposal to hike the minimum wage to more than 9-dollars-an-hour has suffered a setback in passage.  Republicans, though, are expecting some action before they break for summer.

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