I finally found a definition of Global Warming I can embrace- it has been outlined and defined as being a lukewarmer by Matt Ridley.

Ridley once a hardcore Global Warmist that thought the end was coming fast- he began to lose faith in the faith of those in the Church of Environmentalism and impending doom. In part he outlined many things I have been saying and writing for some time for example:

Another thing that gave me pause was that I went back and looked at the history of past predictions of ecological apocalypse from my youth – population explosion, oil exhaustion, elephant extinction, rainforest loss, acid rain, the ozone layer, desertification, nuclear winter, the running out of resources, pandemics, falling sperm counts, cancerous pesticide pollution and so forth. There was a consistent pattern of exaggeration, followed by damp squibs: in not a single case was the problem as bad as had been widely predicted by leading scientists. That does not make every new prediction of apocalypse necessarily wrong, of course, but it should encourage skepticism.

That kind of doom and gloom has been preached from the pulpits of the left as long as I’ve been alive. Which is the Church of Chicken Little Environmentalism- or anything for that matter that blames everything on America or Capitalists or both.

However a Lukewarmer is more problematic as the position doesn’t fit into any category neatly. Here is how Ridley explained it:

In general, I would describe a ‘lukewarmer’ as someone who:

Thinks anthropogenic climate change is real but  very far from being a planetary emergency.

Takes due notice of the increasing divergence between climate model predictions and observations and the  growing body of scientific literature challenging IPCC climate sensitivity estimates.

Regards the usual pastiche of remedies — carbon taxes, cap-and-trade, renewable energy quota, CO2 performance standards – as either an  expensive exercise in futility or a  ‘cure’ worse than the alleged disease (depending how aggressively those policies are implemented).

Is impressed by — and thankful for — the immense albeit usually unsung benefits of the CO2 fertilization effect on  global agriculture and  green things generally.

Recognizes that poverty remains the world’s leading cause of  preventable illness and  premature death.

Understands that plentiful, affordable, scalable energy (most of which comes from  CO2-emitting fossil fuels) is essential to poverty eradication and progress towards a  healthier, safer, more prosperous world."

And that is a verse from the Environmental Church to which I can say Amen!