Planning a trip up north to see the Tahquamenon Falls? It will soon become easier to access.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The Lower Tahquamenon Falls will be receiving a new  142-foot-long pedestrian bridge. Crews have been constructing the bridge all week at the state park and plan to open it in October after inspections.

Bill Kippen

With a drop of 50 feet and 200 feet across, the Upper Tahquamenon Falls is one the largest waterfalls east of the Mississippi. A  maximum flow of more than 50,000 gallons of water per second has been recorded cascading over these falls.



Located four miles downstream is the Lower Falls. The lower falls offer a different experience then the Upper Falls. The Lower Falls are a series of five smaller falls around a small island.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

You can rent a row boat and take a short trip across the water to explore the island and its falls. A newly constructed bridge will make it easier to cross the lower falls making the island much more accessible for just about anyone to cross the water.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Tahquamenon Falls State Park manager Kevin Dennis stated to Mlive,

"This bridge will allow for easier park staff and emergency services access to help maintain and keep the island safe."

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The project is costing $1.28 million and being paid for by Michigan Department of Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Division. The project included a 6 foot aluminum bridge crossing the lower falls plus a 350 feet of boardwalk will be built connecting the mainland to the bridge abutment location.

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After a survey conducted in 2017, DNR found that 80% of people said they would be more likely to visit the island if there was an accessible bridge.

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