So Donald Trump paid no income taxes in 1995 according to a report gotten illegally it would seem by the New York Times. But in fairness the emails we talk about on a regular basis were gotten illegally too. So lets take a closer look at what we do know.

First of all there is yet to be substantiation that the returns published in the the far left newspaper are even legitimate but lets just assume that they are. They show Donald Trump reported a loss of more than 900 million dollars for the year. Losses that would be amortized against future earnings, which might have meant he paid less in taxes in subsequent years. There is no way to make that determination without seeing those subsequent years but that didn’t slow down the attack dogs hell-bent on finding anything to hurt Trump in the month to go before the election.

The New York Times and all of their left wing cohorts in the media are screaming that Trump used a ‘loophole’ to write off his losses and implying that somehow what he did was unethical or unlawful. Neither of which is true. Trump did what millions of Americans do every year and that is itemize to save as much money as possible on their tax bills. The only difference is that Trump did it with a lot more zeros. But to imply Americans are doing something wrong by hiring an accountant, downloading Quickbooks or going to H and R Block is rather ridiculous I’d say.

It would be like the media telling people that you and I have used the ‘marriage loophole’ to save money on our taxes. It would be like saying single moms used the ‘I have a kid loophole’ to get money back by using the Earned Income Tax Credit. Or it would be like saying students used ‘I went to school to get an education but not a job because the Obama/Clinton economy is rotten loophole’ to write off interest on student loans and so on.

The so-called reporters of the New York Times in the logic or the lack thereof use the real ‘loophole’ here and it’s a giant ‘loophole’ of straightforward honesty. By the way a new story hitting the streets reveals the New York Times itself paid zero taxes in 2014. Wow! What ‘loophole’ did the Times exploit to not contribute to schools or firefighters or first responders in the Big Apple? Can you believe the gall of that company to use the tax laws to survive a little bit longer?

The truth is Donald Trump may have paid very little in taxes. The real crime here is that Democrats instead of addressing real tax reform in this nation instead play games with the laws to keep soaking the Middle Class while lying to those same people and painting successful people as dishonest and not playing by the rules.

Wake up America! It is time for real tax reform. It is time to open the conversation on a flat transaction tax that is the same every time. No more itemizing or keeping receipts or audits. Everybody pays the same.

Most national polls have consistently found that tax returns don’t even make the top 10 of concerns for Americans these days. Top concerns include the economy, national security and terrorism.

That holds true in numerous polls. Except of course for the left leaning Detroit News- that has a poll out that shockingly finds 72% of Michigan voters find it important. This incredible revelation comes the week after the News endorsed globally illiterate Gary Johnson to be President. So don’t mind me if I use the paper for puppy training- which based on this non-sense poll is what it deserves.

It seems The Detroit News has fallen into a credibility ‘loophole’ and is now actively working on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

In the meantime I will be using those dastardly write-offs for marriage and mortgage interest. In fact I will use every tool at my disposal to reduce my tax burden because that is what smart people do. What they don’t do is attack and smear others that are doing the exact same thing. Listen if you don’t like the way the game is played have Congress change the rules but let’s be honest that isn’t going to happen with these money hungry fools soaking the Middle Class year after year. Don’t forget the rich can figure out how to get a big write off and they always will.

It’s not illegal it is the right thing to do.