Are you ready to check out Michigan's longest garage sale which is considered to be 180 miles long? If so, better get to it because it's happening this weekend.

There are many Michiganders who travel miles and miles down any Michigan road to find bargains at garage sales.

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I remember when my mom organized our first garage sale back in the 60's when I was only ten years old. We lived on Miller Rd. here in Lansing and we basically sold all of our junk that we didn't want any longer, to strangers pulling into our driveway.

Can you imagine how I was feeling when my mom tried explaining this whole garage sale thing to me? All I could say to my mom at the time was, fine, but don't sell any of my stuff to anyone. (Lol)

If you're a huge garage sale fan, then you need to check out the 180 long Michigan garage sale this weekend.

According to

There are 280 locations registered with the event, which runs Friday through Sunday along US 12 Heritage Trail. The portion of the highway that runs through Lower Michigan spans 180 miles from New Buffalo to Detroit. However, the sale includes one location in Michigan City, Ind.

Yes there's a bit of driving to do, but think of all the bargains and all the money you'll save all weekend long.

You can find all kinds of stuff people want to get rid of at garage sales. We're talking about furniture, old magazines, records and old record players, vacuum cleaners, fake jewelry, collectibles, and even fresh garden produce. adds:

The sales can be found along the highway at homes, farms, businesses, parking lots and fields. ... It is Americana at its best.”

This Michigan garage sale is taking place all weekend along US 12 Heritage Trail.

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