Liz Peek is a Fox News contributor and former partner of major bracket Wall Street firm Wertheim & Company.

Schiff steers Trump impeachment drive straight toward a ditch.

Steve Gruber: Liz Peek Joining me now. Liz how are you?

Liz Peek: Good morning. I'm fine, how are you?

Steve Gruber: I mean that really covers it doesn't it?

Liz Peek: Well we know that Adam Schiff is not impartial. We know that for 2 years, he has spun all types of false narratives about the Russia collusion narrative and you know I think Americans are a little skeptical about Adam Schiff straight from the get-go about this. I think personally, and I have a FOX piece, saying he has done a terrible job orchestrating this impeachment efforts. If he wants people to sign on, or frankly if the Democrats want people to sign on they should have never put Adam Schiff in charge of it. He is known to be dishonest about the Russian collusion hoax. He was dishonest about the Whistle-Blower and whether or not his office had contact with him.

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