The Detroit Lions have parted ways with Offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter, and brought in Connor Cook to back up Stafford.

The news that the Lions decided not to renew Cooter's contract surprised absolutely no one this week. The Lions were poised to make the playoffs this year, but the offense was just bad at times.

The Lions posted about the decision not to keep Cooter, and what that means for the team.

The search for a new Offensive Coordinator likely started before the end of the season on Sunday.

The Lions also enlisted the services of former Michigan State QB Connor Cook to back up Matt Stafford.

Matt Stafford had one of the worst years of his career, and Stafford haters are eager to get him out of Detroit. Some of the haters were even speculating about Cook becoming a starter.

Let's just be clear about this. Cook hasn't played in two years, and the last time he did he sucked. I honestly think he'll be lucky to make the team, much less end up with a spot backing up Stafford.

The Lions have a lot of work to do, but there is good news. Detroit seems to have found some sort of running game this year, and a good Offensive Coordinator will be able to use that to help bring Stafford back to his Pro-Bowl form.

What is the next big move you think the Lions need to make?

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