When did millions of people in this country simply lose their collective minds? I have been on Facebook and Twitter more these past few days than usual (and I’m usually on a lot) reading about the terrorist attacks in France. It is repugnant to me when I read how it’s the fault of the west that murderous jihadists attacked innocent cartoonists, writers and shoppers in Paris. The blood of those murdered was still running in the streets while liberals were cautioning against ‘Islamophobia’ and those on the extremist right from racist impulses. Extremist right? Are they joking? Sadly no. It does not matter what the truth is. It does not matter that liberty was shot dead in the offices of Charlie Hebdo. It does not matter freedom of expression and religion were gunned down in Paris this week and yet progressive websites are lecturing us about tolerance. Really they are lecturing the west on accepting those from other countries? How do they think all those Muslims arrived in France anyway?

It’s true Charlie Hebdo's cartoons and the paper itself is very offensive on a regular basis. That however is not a reason to kill the staff in cold blood. That is not how we operate in the 21st century. However it is exactly how many in the Muslim world operate. In the Muslim world women are stoned to death for committing adultery, the penalty for being homosexual is death and the price for drawing a picture of the prophet Mohammad is the same- death. Yeah drawing a picture can get you killed- that's a fact. The body count this week was 17. I don't count dead terrorists.

Despite the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, 9-11 or the attacks in Canada, Australia, the UK and now the slaughter in France the left is twisting itself into knots making sure we all know it’s not really Islam. It’s not? Former Presidential candidate Howard Dean said "they are about as Muslim as I am". Dean is living in a world disconnected from reality. Anyone who points out the common denominator of Islamic terrorism is chided as a racist or Islamaphobe.

Well I am not afraid of these terrorists. No I’m not. I am an American that isn’t willing to look the other way when blood is running in the streets. I am not willing to sit idly by while No Go zones could start to emerge in at risk Muslim neighborhoods here in Michigan and around the country.

Large Muslim neighborhoods can be found in places like Dearborn, Michigan that have spawned violence and intolerance in the past as demonstrated by attacks on Christians in the summer of 2012. Fortunately those violent acts were limited to rocks and bottles being thrown while sheriffs deputies looked the other way. Tensions are also on the rise in other Michigan cities with growing Muslim communities like Coldwater. Is this Islamaphobia? No, it's being aware of what is going on and watching places that could be similar and give rise to more serious violence like we've seen come out of the French No Go Zones.

It is time to admit that we cannot simply turn our heads anymore. We need to pay attention to what is going on. Is this an irrational fear? No my fear is of those who blame the rest of us for the violence of terrorists.