A friend of mine sent me a note yesterday to outline an argument he has been trying to make for the past couple of weeks. He has been telling me that he simply cannot vote for Donald Trump. I have tried to explain that supporting Hillary Clinton either directly or indirectly will likely lead to her election and will accelerate the downward spiral we are in as a nation in my estimation. In fact the majority of Americans when asked say they believe we are in decline.

My friend sent me an article from the Washington Post written by Bruce Bartlett whom he said was a Republican. I read the article but it became apparent that Bartlett, who worked for Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp is just another liberal pretending to know about what makes conservatives tick.

Here is my response to my friend.


I am surprised that this is the position you are trying to articulate. Reading this article I am pleased that I am not a Republican and have never been. At least if Mr. Bartlett is a Republican, which is no certainty, I’d want to be nothing like him in thought or action.

I begin with this paragraph from Bartlett’s article:

By 2022, it’s possible that Democrats will control Congress and gridlock will be broken. Once that happens, the federal government will be able to tackle major issues. The constant Republican demands for budget cuts, tax cuts and deregulation won’t be the starting points for all policy discussion. We could see fundamental tax reform that raises rates for the rich and multinational corporations, meaningful measures to address climate change, fresh funding for crumbling infrastructure, and a public option for the Affordable Care Act. These measures, which I support, are popular with Americans. Their passage will bring more voters into the Democratic fold.

I cannot even begin to explain to you how these are fundamental fallacies that are not possible or sensible in any way. I suggest strongly that you and every American read Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt. It is not quite as hip as 50 Shades of Gray but most people find it just as startling in many ways.

The author of this article is certainly not a conservative and not a Republican by any measure that I can find except for his claim thereof. It seems to me he is nothing more than a Democrat pretending to be something he is not. Maybe he is a Trans- Republican.

If you believe that ‘Global Warming is our biggest threat, increasing taxation on the so called rich and corporations is a good idea, a single payer government run healthcare system will help heal us and government involved in all aspects of our lives is best then you too are a liberal as is the author of this article. It is not something to scorn. If that is what you believe you should say so. In fact by sending this article I think you did.

Bernie Sanders earned my respect for at least being honest about his Marxist ideologies. That is until he sold out to Hillary Clinton and her leftist machine. Bernie claimed to be against the big corporations, political insiders, the big banks and crony capitalism. Then he threw all-in for the person who symbolizes all of these things. He cast his lot for a woman who thinks the war on law enforcement is somehow acceptable if it in some way brings awareness to social justice ideals.

These are not things I believe nor will I ever embrace. I believe in personal accountability, economic freedom (the greatest engine of liberation in human history) and that I am endowed by my Creator with certain inalienable rights that exist from day one. My rights do not flow from men but from a much higher power. I will not surrender those rights to any man, movement or political machine.

The final observations from this ‘Republican’ sum it up nicely and he is cheerleading for Hillary Clinton, the destruction of the Constitution, social justice non-sense, open borders, the end of religious freedom, government intrusion so deep into our lives and our families that the family unit will nearly certainly cease to exist. He put it this way:

By and large, the right will cease being the obstacle to progress that it has been. Democrats will have to follow through with policy actions and political organizing at the state and local levels if they hope to see a long-term period in power. Still, the ground is being plowed and a brighter future — one without gridlock, when one major party can enact sweeping change — is visible on the horizon.

It is not the first time the obituary has been written for Republicans. The same was said in 1964. I guess we will need to wait and find out. But I personally will never surrender to the ‘inevitable’ idea that I will be subjected to the indefensible and failed ideas of socialism, social justice, central planning and fallacies of economics embraced as new ideas but nothing more than reconstituted tenets of Marxism passed off as something else.

I will fight for a Teddy Roosevelt kind of Republican Party- or whatever party holds those beliefs. Freedom, liberty, self-determination, accountability and yes America first before all other nations. I will embrace ideas of a strong military and a welcoming of immigrants. I will never however support open borders or surrendering American sovereignty to any nation or institutions like the United Nations. I will not sit quietly by and watch the jack-booted leftists march unopposed upon the Bill of Rights and the freedoms I hold dear.

I will bow my head when the National Anthem is played, I will remember how proud I was to watch John Glenn journey into space on the Space Shuttle, how I cried when Ronald Reagan died and when America was sucker punched on September 11, 2001.

I will never give up on the principals that this nation was founded upon and those lessons I was taught by my parents, grandparents and teachers. I will never buy into the idea that America is an unfair place that is ugly and mean. I believe America is the most giving and gracious nation in history. Americans are the kindest and most generous people in the history of the world. I am tired of the liberals berating our nation and our good people as ‘irredeemable, deplorable, racist, xenophobic, sexist or mysoginistic.’

I will never support the likes of Hillary Clinton or anyone like her. I may be a minority but I will be true to what is right and just. I will oppose those that wish to bastardize our nation into something it is not.

I am an American. I am proud of that.

Hillary Clinton to me represents everything that is wrong with this country. She is a corrupt, greedy, self-serving, power hungry wannabe dictator. Hillary Clinton is not held accountable to the laws that govern most of the rest of us. She is an elitist who has no understanding of who I am, nor does she care. I can assure you she doesn’t care much about who you are either. She and her goon squads of fascists can shout me down, burn my books, bully me, label me, attack me for the things I believe and maybe even pull the plug on my microphone but I will not fold. I will not back down.

I will continue to speak the truth and weigh my decisions on the scale of common sense. I will not be pushed and prodded into believing the unbelievable or support the indefensible. I will not.

I will certainly be called names and I will get plenty of vitriolic hate-mail but I will not be swayed. Self-righteous, self-serving, self-entitled hypocrites will not cow me into silence.

Mike, if you believe you cannot vote for Donald Trump for some moral reason, ok. But quit trying to find justification in the pages of left leaning newspapers and media outlets that are openly at war with him and all Republicans. If you count yourself as a Republican, no matter how moderate, your day is also fast approaching when you will become the target of self-absorbed, snowflake fascists.

You are on the to-do list Mike.

Make no mistake the Democratic Party and the majority of the Mainstream Media are one-in-the-same. They all went to the same colleges. They were members of the same clubs and sororities. They have more in common with each other than they will ever have with you and me. They are collaborating in putting down all the ‘rednecks’ as Bill Clinton calls us. They will not be satisfied until they have beaten us all into submission to their ideas of right and wrong. They will not be satisfied until Churches have been brought to their knees and moral principals have been pushed into irrelevance. It is all or none for them. There is no middle ground. You need only look back as you said to the 1980’s and ask yourself, “how have all these things changed so fast?’

I may go down Mike but I will go down fighting for what I know in my heart is real and true and right. Can you say the same?