The LGBT community at the University of Oklahoma are now asking for exclusion not inclusion.

Odd is it not?

As being reported in an article in Campus Reform, the LGBT community at the University is asking for and will soon receive their own student lounge/study area.

I ask myself why are they now asking to be excluded from the community instead of included.

Why do they feel that they should be treated differently than the rest of the student community?

Do they feel they are special?

If their goal is acceptance, which I understand, then why ask to be separated.  Do they not understand that other students and student groups might be a bit upset about the special treatment they are receiving?

They did not stop there, a group calling themselves Queer Inclusion on Campus has presented OU’s administration with a list of 11 demands including their own resource center, safer learning environments, a vice president of diversity, scholarships for LGBTQ students, curriculum reform, inclusive student health care, and gender-neutral bathrooms.

The group announced their intentions to also ask for “safe and inclusive” housing, diversity training for faculty and staff, and a resource center for LGBTQ students.

As reported by Campus Reform, other taxpayer-funded colleges and universities have built study or resource rooms specifically for groups i.e undocumented students now have the Dream Success Center at California State University, Long Beach.

I would think they would want to be treated the same as heterosexuals not special.

This could create more problems instead of improving their situation.

What are your thoughts about this?

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