Cuba has for all intents has been off limits to Americans my entire life. The island was a capitalist mecca until the late 1950’s when Fidel Castro led a communist revolution. That of course has led to years of discourse with the United States and included the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. President Kennedy lied to the American people during the invasion- after he pulled all American air support and allowed thousands to get slaughtered on the beaches.

I could debate that for the rest of the evening but honestly I want to focus on President Obama’s decision to move towards normalizing relations and the opportunity to fish those infamous waters. You see the Bay of Pigs is considered by many to the very best place in the world to target the elusive Bonefish with a fly rod. I’ve known a few brave souls who made the trip to Cuba, taking the long and scenic route so they wouldn’t get nailed by Washington for breaking the law. Though from what I hear it may well have been worth the jail time.

So despite my misgivings about the President and his decision to swap prisoners with Havana and setting his sights on a new embassy- I am intrigued by the idea that I might be able to push off into the notorious bay and set my sights on the most aggravating fish I’ve ever gone after.