Posted speed limits could rise to 80 miles per hour on so called "rural" freeways under legislation introduced last month in the Michigan House.

It seems like a good idea. I mean if you’ve ever saddled up on 75 headed north for the weekend or 96 flying air-Ford from Lansing to Detroit you know that most are driving at or near 80 miles per hour already.

The plan would call for the Michigan Department of Transportation and Michigan State Police to make the decisions.

The proposed legislation would follow the “85th percentile” rule, meaning limits would generally be established to reflect the average speed at which 85 percent of motorists are already traveling safely.

Critics of course point to the obvious safety concerns, which are valid by the way. Higher speeds would likely mean more dramatic car crashes and could certainly lead to more fatalities.

I would love to see 80mph signs on the highway like I saw in Wyoming last summer. Let the State Police decide- and then we can let it rip!