Senator Obama while campaigning for President said he will have the most "transparent administration" in history.  While President he has claimed that he will not stop fighting opening up government and has the most transparent administration and government in history.  As a side note he has also has stated he will not stop fighting to cut waste and abuse, oh also he will cut the deficits also.

Please give me a moment to stop laughing so hard I am choking for air.  Let us put aside the fighting to cut waste, abuse on the deficits over the last ten years and concentrate on his transparency claim.

Well apparently the transparency claim is yet another one he failed to produce on.  In fact he failed so miserably that it is being reported in the, believe it or not, AP and The Daily Caller that according to data the AP reviewed, his administration appears to be the least transparent in history.

His administration is claiming that in more than one in six FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request they could not find any records.  Ladies and gentleman we are talking about 130,000 requests that President Obama’s administration and Democrat party said, we cannot find the documents we created and you are now asking for.

What does that tell you?

In fact from the AP article an investigative reporter is quoted as saying:

“It seems like they’re doing the minimal amount of work they need to do, I just don’t believe them. I really question the integrity of their search.”

There is more, the AP is reporting that the Obama administration and the Democrat party has released “tens of thousands of records following a lawsuit, after previously telling FOIA requesters they couldn’t find any documents”.  As an example The Department of State, “couldn’t find any correspondence between Hillary Clinton aide Phillipe Reines and journalists, but found 90,000 records after a lawsuit”.


We all need to ban together, regardless of party affiliation, and not accept these types of claims and make the people and parties making these claims pay for their intellectually dishonest statements.

How do we do this?  Stop electing the people and their party who are making these claims.

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