State lawmakers are dealing with a few "explosive' issues.

One would be to repeal the state's new fireworks law.  Ironically, one of those leading the charge is the lawmaker who proposed the legislation--Sen. Glenn Anderson, D-Westland. is reporting that the Senator is apparently having second thoughts after receiving numerous complaints from residents.

"They don't have peaceful enjoyment of their homes.  Their pets are having to be tranquilized, and we're also hearing from veterans that suffer from PTSD.  It's just causing them a literal hell in their own homes!"

Now two democrats in the State House have also introduced legislation that would ban aerial and explosive fireworks, in essence, repealing the law that was put on the books in 2011.

A Republican lawmaker, who voted for the legislation, is also having second thoughts.  Senator Rick Jones, R--Grand Ledge, his vote was simply to keep the revenue from the sales in Michigan.  Buyers, he said, were routinely go to neighboring states to buy the more powerful fireworks and then use them here.

He claimed laws are in place to keep problems from occurring--like the limiting of hours of operation--but police have to be able to enforce them more fully.  Police agencies, meantime, say they're doing what they can, but some people just aren't willing to abide by the rules.

Another controversial piece of legislation likely to be voted on today in the State Senate would further regulate wolf hunting in Michigan.  If approved by the Senate and in the House in a couple of weeks, ballot initiatives designed at allowing voters to have the final word in November, would be moot.

Some claim this is just another attempt by lawmakers to silence the voices of the people.

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