By now you should know that I'm a big time fan of Major League Baseball. I've been following the Detroit Tigers since way back in the 60's when they won the World Series.

Not only have I been following the Tigers over the years, I am also a big fan of Lansing's very own John Smoltz.

John Smoltz pitched on several major league baseball teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves. He is a baseball Hall of Fame pitcher and not only that, John is also a Waverly High School graduate.

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So what's John Smoltz up to these days, he's bringing Strikeout Baseball to Lansing. John hasn't been in the Lansing area for quite some time now until most recently.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Smoltz was also there to promote the John Smoltz Strikeout Baseball Stadium, which hopes to start and finish construction this summer in Ferris Park. Strikeout Baseball is a miniature baseball stadium that only requires 4-5 players instead of a standard nine, and allows players to pitch, hit and field in a contained environment.

This sounds very cool if you ask me. There's new changes coming to the Greater Lansing area, and this could end up being very popular at Ferris Park.

The Strikeout Baseball project was talked about this past November and now we could have it up and running sometime this summer.

Here's what John Smoltz had to say courtesy of Lansing State Journal:

Honestly, in the summer, not only can ground be broken, but we could have this thing built by mid-summer. That's the goal.

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