Mayor Andy Schor released a statement on Tuesday announcing CSO Shelbi Frayer is resigning as the financial officer.

Frayer was Lansing's first CSO and started her job back in August of 2019. Some of her job duties including monitoring the city's short-term expenditures as well as long-term debts.

“The CSO and Finance jobs are both very demanding, and Shelbi has done a great job finding efficiencies and helping the City of Lansing through a very difficult time,” Schor said in his statement on Tuesday, according to WILX. “She has been able to find over $10 million in savings to the City, and was able to balance our budget with a $12.5 million deficit appearing in 3 months due to COVID-19.”

Frayer was originally the executive director of Office of School Review and Fiscal Accountability in the state's Department of Treasury.

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