We've all spent the last year and a half following protocols to stay safe during this never ending coronavirus pandemic.

And we all keep hoping for the same outcome because it's what we've been waiting to hear for quite a long time, that we've reached the end of this disheartening pandemic once and for all.

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Apparently we have quite a long way to go before we get to that point. With the new delta variant being so contagious, things have changed quite a bit already.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Classes starts Aug. 30 for Lansing School District and all staff must be vaccinated by Sept. 30. Superintendent Benjamin Shuldiner said, adding that the mandate will be implemented out of love and concern for the Lansing community.

I think that pretty much says it all. Everyone vaccinated or not should try and look at this the same way. It's important to think of others and not just yourself during this struggling time with the ups and downs of this pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to urge everyone to get their vaccinations to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

"Vaccination is the single best mitigating strategy for stopping people from getting COVID, from getting sick with COVID, from Dying of COVID, "Shuldiner said. "We owe it to the entire community for having the highest standard possible for health welfare in our school district."

Whether teachers and staff members from the Lansing School District agree with this or not, they will have until September 30 to get vaccinated or teachers and staff with have to get Daily COVID-19 testing before they can enter any school building in Lansing.

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While much is still unknown about the coronavirus and the future, what is known is that the currently available vaccines have gone through all three trial phases and are safe and effective. It will be necessary for as many Americans as possible to be vaccinated in order to finally return to some level of pre-pandemic normalcy, and hopefully these 30 answers provided here will help readers get vaccinated as soon they are able.

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