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How many times have you walked or biked the Lansing River Trail over the years? It is quite the hike if you like walking, running, or biking.

Thousands of people every spring and summer like to bike the Lansing River Trail for not only the exercise, but to visit various locations of the Greater Lansing area.

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What's great about the Lansing River Trail is the fact that it stretches all the way from Waverly Road to Old town.

According to

 You can also catch it from Potter Park into MSU. Altogether, over 16 miles of paved trail pass through numerous parks and natural areas, as well as downtown Lansing.

Are you ready for even better news?

Lansing River Trail now stretches from Forest Road to East Cavanaugh Road. So now people have another entrance or exit they can use when they are walking, running, or biking the trail.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

The trail is mostly paved with asphalt, besides several spots that are mostly covered in dirt and gravel. It has some hills. At Cavanaugh Road, it connects with a path that runs west to Maguire Park, Delhi Township trails and Hawk Island Park.

It's truly amazing that the Lansing River Trail is more than 20 miles long and people seem to really enjoy it.

In fact, many dog lovers take their furry friends on long walks throughout the very long River Trail.

Personally speaking, I really enjoy the River Trail where it meets at Potter Park Zoo and takes us all the way into East Lansing. That way my wife and I can stop by a local deli and get something to eat, and then back to the Lansing River Trail we go.

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