I used to like going out to eat more when I was younger. I think a lot of my reasoning was that I was too lazy to cook and I didn't want to clean up the mess.

Nowadays I prefer eating at home with my family. It's a better environment for the family to talk about the day we had, it's cheaper, and oftentimes the food is much better. That all depends on who's cooking at home. Truth be told, my wife and I both cook well and we work as a team for cleanup. Wow, growing up has some positive attributes.

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When I want to go grab a bite, I usually know what I want to order before I go to the restaurant. I can look at their menu online if I am unfamiliar with it, or, I might know exactly what I want because I have been there previously or the menu item's reputation proceeds itself. For instance, if I go to Buffalo Wild Wings, I am going to get the wings, duh.

There are a lot of local restaurants that have their own signature dish. These are the items that the places are known for, and sometimes people even travel from across the state to try them.

The Items That Make These Lansing Area Restaurants Famous

Most restaurants have signature dishes, but Lansing restaurants take things to the next level. Check out the food items that make each of these Lansing area restaurants famous.

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