I saw in the Lansing State Journal today the Lansing Mall is for sale. I kinda knew that but this is just words on the internet confirming my hunch. Click here to see that. 

I have only made a few purchases from the Lansing Mall as I am so much closer to the Okemos and Howell Outlet malls. Plus, I am a sucker. Throw a pretty girl in the mall,   have her be nice to me about her product and I'll but it. A few years ago I bought my wife a nail kit. She used it and loved it but I still scratch my head over that one. Pretty girl with a nice smile strikes again!

Back to the Lansing Mall being for sale... If I could go back to any time and do shopping, it would be when you could smoke in the malls. Ash trays all over, the smell of that stale smoke lingering in the air. The old lady hocking up a lung in the line in front of you. The hot girls offering sprays of terrible cologne but it's so smoky your sense of smell is off. To me, that is when we were the freest.

Other than banning the young people for making you old, what would you do to bring the mall back?

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