Greater Lansing area bowling leagues are just about ready to begin and that can only mean three things, throwing strikes, picking up your spares, and try to keep your bowling ball out of the gutter.

That's how you score big when it comes to bowling. Not everyone can string strikes at the bowling alley every single game, that's why it's so important to pick up as many spares as possible.

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I've been bowling for over twenty years on several different teams here in the Greater Lansing area.

Spare Time, Pro Bowl, Royal Scot, and Metro Bowl, just to name a few, are some of the local bowling alleys I've bowled at many times over the years.

In fact some bowlers tell me I bowl just like Fred Flintstone:

The only difference between Fred and I is the fact that I wear comfortable bowling shoes when I bowl. (and I've never picked up a 7-10 split)

Even though some people like to make fun of bowling, it really is considered a sport!

Beginning September 7 at Spare Time Entertainment Center, my wife and I will bowl together on the same bowling team. We both have our own bowling balls and bowling shoes and we like to cheer each other on.

When it comes to bowling, it takes a lot of practice and time to get to the point of being considered a good bowler.

And it certainly doesn't hurt to work with a pro who can record your bowling technique and offer a few bowling tips.

I found a good article about becoming an insanely good bowler at popular

Take a look at a few videos of bowling bloopers:

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